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The Micro Effect Weekly Broadcast

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On Site
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Radio Show
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The Micro Effect
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"Tryanny Cronicles "

A live radio show dealing with politics, religion, current events,
Bible prophecy, and much more! This is a show you won’t want to miss! 
Great guests, hot debates!  Your host: Dr. Gianni Hayes

Radio Show
Join Dr. Gianni Hayes’ "Live " Every Saturday
5:00 pm, (Eastern Standard Time

On the Micro effect Weekly Broadcast ( live feed above)

And on Wednesday nights, on AVR
(the American Voice Radio) Network
Dr. Hayes hosts another radio show:


Radio Show
Join Dr. Gianni Hayes’ "Live " On Wednesdays
8:00-9:00 pm, (Eastern Standard Time)

Radio Show

Both radio shows are webcasts, through the AVR network is also broadcast on some FM stations, via cell phone, phone bridge, podcasts, and satellite, and toll free call in to comment or ask questions of Gianni or her hosts: 1-800-433-1429.

As soon as you click on these links at the time of the show's airing (adjust time zones if different from EST), you'll hear these programs hosted by a former professor and international speaker, Dr. Gianni Hayes.  A sampling of topics we discuss on these shows  include: illegal immigration; the plan (the NAU) to open all the borders from the United States, Canada, Mexico, and eventually inclusive of Central America, to and South America, and the effect this will have on our country; who or what the antichrist might be; if there is anti-Semitism today; satanism, the New Age movement, and other occultic customs; if Noah's Ark really exists; the coming one-world government (New World Order) and socialism/communism, the Vatican, Jesuits, Freemasonry, Zionism,  the omnipotent Illuminati, CFR, TLC, Bilderbergers, etc., and their pagan practices as witnessed in the behavior of world leaders, and all the edicts they have mandated to slash our sovereignty and our rights, as well as to align a one-world currency with other one-world parameters. The meltdown of moral values, the agenda the NWO is putting in our educational system, the persecution of Christians and Christianity, mandated mental health screening, the national ID card, mandatory draft, and vaccinations are also discussed. Our topics are endless. Tune in and enjoy!  1-800-433-1429-to get on air to chat with me, and my guests, some of who are controversial. My show is informal and receptive to all callers regardless of their views. If you don't want to call in, send me an e-mail via my producer: Remember, that you can send a note to me through my producer, Frank

So tune in for an hour and share your thoughts with my listeners, my guest, and with me; the time goes incredibly fast! We’re electrifying, unpredictable, stimulating, and sometimes unsettling; thus we may stir up old thinking and ignite fresh thoughts – all of which results in informing you and getting you thinking.

So grab a cup of cappuccino, bring up my radio program, then relax, enjoy, and call the 800-number. Listen for a quiz question; if you call in first with the right answer, you win one of my 14 published books. Find out more about me at or write me at I also write online articles, and am a columnist for

Don't forget! Go to at 9:00pm, EST, or whatever your time zone is then. Call me.

Most of these guests have websites; check them out.


Scheduled Guests for Upcoming Shows:

February 9 = Dr. Henry Makow; feminist movement as part of the New World Order

February 16 = Jack Hook; Babylon is falling

February 23 = Naomi Ragen;

March 2 = Brandon Arnold

March 9 = Ken Cox; Ken Cox Ministries;

March 16 = Dr. Carley; innoculations are dangerous, causing cancer and other diseases

March 23 = Joan Veon; how the U.N. is ruining us and the collapse of America's economy

March 30 = Bud Gray; runs his Christian site - Trumpet America

April 6 = Henry Hills; puts out the "The Daniel List'

April 13 = Victor Thorn and Lisa Giuliani; co-hosts of the popular Wing TV show

April 20 = Mike Albert; hosts Rapture Alert site

April 27 = Michael Trudeau; expert on cashless society

May 4 = Jon Watkins; Satanism

May 11 = Jack Hook; America is Babylon

May 18 = Constance Cumbly; Javier Solan, as the antichrist

May 25 = Kelly McGinley; "Retaking America."


And on my other radio show on Monday nights, 7:00pm,, titled, "End-Times Apocalypse-ETA," is

:Feb 28 = Jack Hook

March 10 = Kelly McGinley, "Retaking America"

March 21 = Jon Watkins; Satanism, New Age. Wiccs, Scientology cekebrities, etc.

Look for future guests!


To OPT IN to our email list, and receive a short email about our radio show guest each week, click the link

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